Radiana, the cooling modular ceiling panel

With the Radiana radiant climate control system, your home environment is always ideal. Every room, every space is maintained at the perfect temperature, in even and undeniable balance with your body.

Meet the Radiana panel…

Radiana is a prefabricated sandwich panel assembly that consists of a 50mm thick EPS board and a gypsum panel glued together. In between the two, over the EPS board, aluminium heat transfer plates are laid down with specially shaped channels for water pipes.

Flexible fittings

75mm gaps between the capillary pipes enable you to fit spot lights, speakers, sprinklers et cetera, in the usual way

Easy to install

The Radiana panel can be installed in walls and ceilings

Plasterboard finish

Standard plasterboard finish which can be skimmed or tape and jointed

Integral strength panels

Integral strength panels mean you can install the panel on studs at 600mm centres rather than the standard 400mm centres saving time and money

WMS Radiana Key Features

Technical specs

120 watts per m² of cooling and 140 watts per m² of heating

Tubing footprint laser engraved

The face of the panel is laser etched to show exactly where each pipe is in the panel to avoid damage when creating holes and fixing accessories to the ceiling

Patented push fit connectors

Patented push fit connectors which are guaranteed for 10 years

Fire retardant EPS backing

Fire retardant EPS backing which gives improved R values and better sound absorption

One panel, four sizes

The panel can be cut to size: in half, lengthwise and widthwise, and into sub-panels to better cover smaller areas. Thus, all your building requirements are fulfilled. One panel – endless possibilities.

Full panel
(1200mm x 2400mm)

Slim panel cut lengthwise
(600mm x 2400mm)

Full panel cut widthwise
(1200mm x 1200mm)

Slim panel cut lenghwise and widthwise
(600mm x 1200mm)

Who Radiana benefits

The Radiana system has a host of benefits over traditional forced air systems. Whether you’re the main contractor, building facilities manager, installer, or client, you will enjoy the benefits that Radiana can bring to your commercial or residential project.

The Client

Improved thermal comfort
No draughts
Reduced running costs
Quick response times

The Installer

No specialist certification required to install
No hot works permits needed
No handling of ozone damaging gases
A much simpler commissioning process

The Building Facilities Manager

No filters and coils to periodically clean
No condensate drains eliminating common AC leak problems
Simple system meaning on site managers can maintain rather than waiting for professional AC engineers.

The Main Contractor

Reduces number of trades on site
Reduces co-ordination between trades
Program benefits
Removes hot works as opposed to HVAC

The advantages of Radiana

Silent running

Silent running enhances the feel of the natural temperature

No fan needed

Ideal for living spaces and offices

Less maintenance

Less maintenance than any air conditioning system

Fast and easy installation

No ducts or filters to maintain and change

Health benefits

Improve air quality without the need to pass air through a filter and coil

Does not move dust

Does not spread bacteria

Low running costs

More efficient than air circulation systems

Low response time

No expensive controls needed

Quicker response

Radiant cooling is quick to respond due to the speed of radiation.

Small pump

Low water volume

Draughtless cooling

Ensures maximum comfort