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Radiana is a modular plasterboard ceiling panel that conditions a building’s environment using radiation in a way that is totally in harmony with nature. This innovative product allows you to cool without draughts, noise or the dehumidifying effect of traditional air conditioning.

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  • Installed directly to the ceiling framing in much the same way as traditional plasterboard.
  • When compared to HVAC the installation of Radiana is quicker and easier.
  • Can be installed in walls and ceilings.
  • 12.5mm taper edge plasterboard finish which can be skimmed or tape and jointed.
  • Integral strength panels means you can install the panel on studs at 400mm or 600mm centres.
  • Up to 110 watts per m2 of cooling and 212 watts per m2 of heating.
  • The face of the panel is laser etched to show exactly where each pipe is in the panel to avoid damage when creating holes and fixing to the panel.
  • Fire retardant EPS backing which gives improved R values and better sound absorption.
radiana tile system


  • 70mm gaps between the capillary pipes enable you to fit spot lights, speakers, sprinklers etc. in the usual way.
  • Can be installed in a standard ceiling grid.
  • Pre-finished with options for different designs.
  • Push fit connectors, which are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • A number of different options are available for insulation.

Meet the Panel and Tile

The Panel

The 50mm panel consists of a pre-formed EPS board and a plasterboard panel bonded together, which is very easy to install and maintain.

The Tile

The tiles are simply set into the existing ceiling suspension grid, ensuring easy access during inspections. If needed, moving the tiles for maintenance of hydraulic connections is straightforward. Up to 64 tiles can be connected in series directly to a manifold loop, without any significant loss of efficiency.


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International WELL Building Institute.

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