Orchard Hill

System: Two Pipe Ceiling Cooling with Underfloor Control

Project Brief:

Our client was looking for an alternative to a traditional air conditioning system for a cooling solution that worked with a reversible heat pump. The Radiana panels have been installed for the use of cooling on the ground floor, and for heating and cooling on the first floor. An MVHR unit was required throughout the property in order to meeting building regulations and to supply a superior comfort level.

The Solution

Radiana have supplied a two pipe ceiling heating and cooling system with ceiling cooling and UFH control to the ground floor, and ceiling heating and cooling, with UFH control to bathrooms on the first floor. Along with the installation of two RER MVHR units with Dehumidification and the Radiana smart control system. Touch thermostats were also upgraded within the master bedroom and guest areas.

End Result

A zone controlled heating and cooling system with MVHR installed throughout the property, providing ultimate thermal comfort.

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