Brookmans Avenue

System: Two Pipe Ceiling Cooling

Project Brief:

The homeowner was looking for a cooling product that worked together with an air source heat pump. They did not want unsightly air conditioning units installed within the house, and instead wanted something that complemented the design of their property. The project had a complex lighting layout, with ceiling speakers being installed into coffered ceilings.

The Solution:

Radiana have supplied a two pipe ceiling cooling system with underfloor heating control and MVHR air units for fresh air supply, extract, and dehumidification. The Radiana panel layout was designed to work with the bespoke coffered ceiling, allowing downlighters to be placed within the Radiana panels between the pipes and non-active areas for ceiling speakers.

End Result:

An invisible cooling system providing ultimate thermal comfort with no unsightly air conditioning units.

Client Testimonial:

"I opted for underfloor heating and MVHR throughout my whole house and I also decided to get ahead of the curve by installing two Air Source Heat Pumps so it made a lot of sense to add cooling given it also runs of the ASHP’s. Like most, I assumed A/C was my only option until my builder recommended Radiana. It’s a neat invention and simply works by running cold water though the ceiling (sounds complicated but it was actually really simple). I have lived in my house for the last six months and just initiated the cooling a month ago. I am really impressed with it, I am so glad I decided to go for it. I love the way you can control the temperature at all times via my app but in reality I just set a temperature and it does all the work for me. The worst thing with A/C is the constant draught that often gives me a sore neck, but this doesn’t exist with radiant cooling. It is by far the best and also most efficient way to cool a house. I really recommend this product. Also the Radiana team have been super professional from start to finish".

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