no1 office complaint

The perfect temperature in one office with Radiana. Left picture shows the left hand zone in heat and the right hand zone in cooling.

When it’s hot, it’s not working, and when it’s cold, it won’t turn down. Getting the office air-con working properly can be a real hassle. New research by Yell has found that the ‘wrong’ office temperature ranks as the No.1 employee complaint – and costs UK workers 16 minutes in lost productivity per day. 23% of workers revealed being cold in an office as their biggest frustration, meanwhile, 1 in 5 employees are affected by being too hot in the workplace.

How is this problem being tackled?

Many attempted fixes are short-term, such as desks being provided with their own climate systems – electric heating units radiating warmth on top of your legs or desk fans aggravating your colleagues. However, not only is this environmentally irresponsible but it can also contribute to health issues such as fatigue, dry skin or dry throats.

Does the ‘perfect’ office environment exist?

Yes, it can, with the Radiana radiant climate control system. Every room, every space is maintained at the perfect temperature, in even and undeniable balance with your body. This innovative product allows you to cool or heat without draughts, noise or the dehumidifying effect of traditional air conditioning.

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