Grant Shapps Visits Radiana Brookmans Park

Pictured above from left to right: Joanna Crown, Group Marketing Manager; Greg Cooper, Operations Director; Rt Hon Grant Shapps, MP; Paul McKenna, Finance Director; Ashley Cooper, Managing Director and Sheldon Cooper, Sales & Marketing Director.

Ashley Cooper, Managing Director of Radiana invited Grant to their offices in Brookmans Park in order to discuss its plans to break into the cooling market with the launch of the Radiana cooling system.

During the visit, Ashley explained how Radiana is a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and cheaper alternative to traditional air conditioning systems.

Following a demonstration of the system in action, Grant commented “I want to thank the employees and owners for inviting me. The innovation on display today is not only going to help the company continue to flourish, but it also shows how forward-thinking, inventive businesses can address both consumer demands and environmental concerns.”

Ashley said “It was a real pleasure to have Grant Shapps visit and experience our Radiana climate control system and hear his genuine interest in the innovative technology.

We demonstrated the product and explained the benefits it would bring to the environment and why we firmly believe that our system can have a significant effect in reducing the contribution to climate change.

We appreciated Grant's enthusiasm for the product, and advice in taking it to market – he clearly saw the benefits it could bring to the UK and globally.”

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