Covid-19 and humidity

An Indo-German research team have found the airbourne transmission of Covid-19 via aerosol particles in indoor environments to be significantly influenced by relative humidity. These findings were concluded after the researchers analysed the 10 most relevant international studies on the topic.

They found that relative humidity levels of between 40-60% had the potential to reduce the spread of viruses and their absorption through the nasal mucous membrane. This included the Covid-19 virus, which the World Health Organisation reports as having caused the death of over one million people since the pandemic began.

This research highlights the importance of controlling humidity levels indoors in order to control the virus. The team recommended new standards be implemented to control humidity in rooms that frequently contain many people such as hospitals and open-plan offices. Interestingly, the researchers also noted how humidity levels could also play a part in spreading other viruses such as the Flu.

Unlike air conditioning, Radiana controls a rooms temperature and humidity levels. This means that Radiana can reduce the spread of Covid-19 indoors whilst still creating the perfect environment for comfort without compromising on safety.

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