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Environmentally friendly and compatible with the presence of people Mate and Minimate are non-thermal plasma air filtration and sanitisation devices. The three filtering levels (G4 + F7 + H) and the sanitisation function ensure absolute filtration of airborne dusts and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mould.

Pure Living

Jonix MATE and MINIMATE are mobile air filtration and sanitisation devices. The biocidal activity and neutralisation of pollutants takes place within a maximum of 60 minutes from starting the appliance. Continuous operation prevents the spread of contaminants generated during activities; it also generates the micro-climate and comfort conducive to reducing work-related stress in the perspective of the protection and promotion of health in the workplace.



Mate uses an advanced oxidation process for the decontamination of air induced by NON-THERMAL PLASMA, a physical phenomenon generated at room temperature. Cold plasma is an ionized gas consisting of various electrically charged particles: ions, atoms and molecules of organic and chemical origin that collide with each other producing oxidizing species. It is considered the safest process to oxidise and decompose pollutants; the process is scalable, according to the sanitisation requirements. Managed by a software that allows customising the operating cycles and controls all the functions. The settings are programmed from the display, in an easy and intuitive way.



Jonix MATE has a compact design and occupies the space of a small closet. Mate and Minimate are the most environmentally friendly systems to sanitise the air. They are ideal for environments where absolute filtration of suspended dust and bacterial decontamination in air and on surfaces are required. They do not use any chemicals and do not generate harmful waste substances. They can be used in the presence of people to ensure the constant sanitisation of the environment.

Technical Specifications

MATE and MINIMATE are compact, flexible and silent, and quickly reduce the bacteriological and particulate load.

Dimensions mm: 560 L x 460 P x 1060 H
Weight kg: 65
Air flow m3/h: 400 - 2000
Max power absorption (W): 600
Power supply: 230 V /~/ 50 Hz

Dimensions mm: 678 L x 700 P x 2035 H
Weight kg: 175
Air flow m3/h: 500 - 3000
Max power absorption (W): 800
Power supply: 230 V /~/ 50 Hz

Dimensions mm: 1305 L x 715 P x 2165 H
Weight kg: 220
Air flow m3/h: 1500 - 6000
Max power absorption (W): 2800
Power supply: 230 V /~/ 50 Hz

Cube - Stand alone unit for rooms up to 85m3

Mate - Larger stand alone unit for airflow between 400 - 6000m3/h

Steel - For rooms sizes between 105m3 - 2000m3

Duct - In duct applications for airflow between 500 - 4000m3/h

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