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With the Radiana radiant climate control system, your leisure environment is always ideal. Every space is maintained at the perfect temperature, in an even and undeniable balance for everyone's well-being.

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  • Complete Control, Radiana tile system offers zoned control
  • Consistent temperature
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Maintenance Managers

  • No filters and coils to periodically clean
  • No condensate drains eliminating common AC leak problems
  • Simple system meaning on site managers can maintain rather than waiting for professional AC engineers
  • Full system (temperature) control via the app
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  • Reduces number of trades on site
  • Reduces co-ordination between trades
  • Program benefits
  • Removes hot works as opposed to HVAC
  • Reduction in ceiling void by approx 200mm, increasing the ceiling height and adding an entire level every 12th floor.

Environmental Benefits

Breeam radiant cooling

Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Radiana uses water rather than air as a cooling medium, water can transport 3500 times more heat than the same volume of air, therefore the energy required to transport the cooling medium is significantly reduced.
  • Radiana system can operate at a higher (that is not such a low temperature) temperature than air-only systems. This means that the chiller/heat pump can operate at a higher efficiency leading to reduced overall power consumption.
  • Both can add to an overall energy saving of between 17-42% depending on the climate, building age and design.
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Reducing Climate Change and the Heat Island Effect

  • Many air-conditioning systems use larger amounts of refrigerant gas to circulate around the fan system. Radiana uses reduced amounts of refrigerant gas because it only uses refrigerant gas in the heat pump and does not circulate it within the building. Less gas means lower leakage volumes and therefore reduced contribution to climate change.
  • There are many reasons for the heat island effect however air conditioning heats up the external environment by removing the heat from inside the buildings and pumping it into the external environment. Because Radiana operates the heat pump more efficiently, plus the fact that typically Radiana requires a smaller heat pump, this means that less heat is emitted outside for the same amount of cooling.
WELL v2 credits

WELL v2 Credits

  • WELL™ is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally. The new standard gives specific credits to thermal comfort and Radiana can contribute specific credits in this area:-
  • Thermal zoning. Credits for multiple zones and individual control.
  • Radiant Thermal Comfort. Credit is given to ‘Hydronic radiant heating and/or cooling systems’ if at least 50% of the project floor area is serviced by this system.
  • Humidity Control. Credit is given if the mechanical system has the capability of maintaining relative humidity between 30% and 60% at all times.

An integrated smart solution

The Climate Control System and App

The climate control system integrates a unique radiant fluid technology to modulate radiant fluid temperatures so that surfaces stay above dew point. It controls energy resources with multi-staging, Domestic Hot Water, Heat Recovery Ventilation based on Indoor Air Quality and Neutral Temperature Dehumidification.

The Radiana app gives you full control of the radiant cooling and heating system from anywhere in the world. It features a friendly and intuitive user interface to control this sophisticated system and fits seamlessly into your life to provide the perfect Thermal Wellbeing™, precisely when and where you want it.

Complete the Radiana CPD

Meet the Radiana system

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Tile System

The Radiana ceiling grid system is a special suspended ceiling system designed to regulate room temperatures using radiant heating and cooling technology. Its exceptional performance and customisability make it thermally and acoustically ideal for a wide range of applications. The system is compatible with any gypsum tile from the gyptone range, up to 64 tiles can be connected in series directly to a manifold loop. The tiles are simply set into the existing ceiling suspension grid, ensuring easy access during inspections. If needed, moving the tiles for maintenance of hydraulic connections is straightforward.

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Panel System

Radiana is a prefabricated sandwich panel assembly that consists of a 50mm thick EPS board and a gypsum panel glued together. In between the two, over the EPS board, aluminium heat transfer plates are laid down with specially shaped channels for water pipes. The panel can be cut to size: in half, lengthwise and widthwise, and into sub-panels to better cover smaller areas. Thus, all your building requirements are fulfilled. One panel – endless possibilities.

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