How do I install lights if I have a Radiana ceiling?

Lights can be cut into the ceiling panel in the normal way as long as you avoid the pipes which are marked on the face of the panel.

Does Radiana increase ceiling heights?

Radiana can increase ceiling heights because it eliminates the need for bulky fan coils and other equipment which usually means you have to have a large ceiling void.

What warranties does Radiana have?

The fittings within the panel are covered by a 10 year warranty and the installation is covered by the installer

Will condensation form on my ceiling?

Radiana’s intelligent control monitors each individual zone for temperature, humidity and VOC and adjusts the flow temperature to ensure condensation will never form on the ceilings

What is radiant cooling / heating? How does it work?

Radiant cooling cools a ceiling by passing cold water through the pipes which absorb the heat radiated from the rest of the room. Heat always travels to colder areas. Therefore, areas that are ‘colder’ will always attract heat rays to them. The hot ‘rays’ travel from the radiant heat element until they reach a surface, such as a wall, floor or piece of furniture. There are no hot or cold spots in an environment heated or cooled from the ceiling beca

How much maintenance is needed?

Radiana requires very little maintenance. Radiana does not have coils or filters that need cleaning periodically. The system is a closed loop and therefore does not need topping up or adjusting once it is commissioned.