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Fresh air

Jonix Cube eliminates contaminants and odours and creates a pleasant sensation of freshness promoting well-being in all environments thanks to its innovative technology. Cube represents an ionizing, source; it does not need additional filtering, making maintenance costs extremely low.

Pure Living

Jonix CUBE is an air purification device; its design uses an advanced technology called cold plasma to eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses, pollutants and odours. Air pollution directly affects the body’s vital functions and our ability to stay healthy. CUBE creates the ideal conditions for the body, guaranteeing better general health: it provides relief can create a better environment for those with breathing difficulties such as asthmatic or allergies. By optimizing their respiratory functions; it improves the vital functions and increases the absorption of oxygen by the body. CUBE protects against airborne microbial contaminations in any area where there are a lot of people and in crowded rooms.



Jonix Cube uses an advanced oxidation process for the decontamination of air induced by non-thermal plasma, also called cold plasma. Cold plasma is a physical phenomenon generated at room temperature. Plasma is an ionized gas consisting of various electrically charged particles: ions, atoms and molecules of organic and chemical origin that collide with each other producing oxidizing species. This is currently considered the safest and most effective way to decompose pollutants.

CUBE is a device that sanitises the air in the room in which it is located, eliminating bacteria, mould and viruses present in crowded but also domestic environments. For this reason, CUBE can be used in different sectors, creating the ideal conditions for the wellbeing of the people.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions mm: 238 L x 238 P x 260 H
Weight kg: 4
Air flow m3/h: 40
For areas up to: 85 m3
Comsumption: 10 W
Power supply: 230 V /~/ 50 Hz
Colour: Black / White

Cube - Stand alone unit for rooms up to 85m3

Mate - Larger stand alone unit for airflow between 400 - 6000m3/h

Steel - For rooms sizes between 105m3 - 2000m3

Duct - In duct applications for airflow between 500 - 4000m3/h

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