Meet the Radiana tile system…

  1. Gypsum finishing
  2. 8mm (5/16”) O.D. Dowlex PERT radiant
    tubing with EVOH oxygen barrier
  3. 37.5mm EPS board ASTM E84
    (Class A rated)
  4. 0.3mm gauge aluminium heat
    transfer plates

The Radiana ceiling grid system is a special suspended ceiling system designed to regulate room temperatures using radiant heating and cooling technology.

Its exceptional performance and customisability make it thermally and acoustically ideal for a wide range of applications, from offices, schools and conference rooms to restaurants, hospitals and airports.

The system is compatible with any gypsum tile from the gyptone range. Without a significant loss of efficiency, up to 64 tiles can be connected in series directly to a manifold loop.

The tiles are simply set into the existing ceiling suspension grid, ensuring easy access during inspections. If needed, moving the tiles for maintenance of hydraulic connections is straightforward.

Technical specification

Dimension 600x600mm
Thickness 52.5mm
Weight (dry) 12.84 kg/m2
Water content 2.27 litres (including supply &
return backbone pipes)
Radiant tubing PEX with oxygen barrier
Diameter 8 mm (~ 5/16”) O.D. – 5.5 mm (~
7/16”) I.D.
Spacing between pipes 79.3 mm
Typical heating output 88 w/m
Max heating output 222 w/m
Typical cooling output 74 w/m
Max cooling output 114 w/m
Effective radiant surface ~ 90%
Operating temperature 7°C – 60°C
Surface flame (ASTM E84) Class A
Flame spread index 0
Smoke developed index 5