Who Radiana benefits

The Radiana system has a host of benefits over traditional forced air systems. Whether you’re the main contractor, building facilities manager, installer, or client, you will enjoy the benefits that Radiana can bring to your commercial project.


Radiana, the cooling modular ceiling panel

With the Radiana radiant climate control system, your office environment is always ideal. Every space is maintained at the perfect temperature, in even and undeniable balance with wellbeing.

How radiant cooling works…

Radiant cooling is a technology to cool buildings based on heat absorption through cold surfaces. Ceiling tiles are made cooler than the rest of the room, therefore absorbing and removing thermal radiation from other objects and surfaces. Radiana, the solution to cooler rooms at your fingertips.

The Radiana ceiling tile system uses radiant cooling to act as a heat exchanger between the room and the cold water running through the panels. The ceiling absorbs heat from sources in a room and exchanges it to chilled water circulating through panels. The chilled water is then delivered to a chiller and re-cooled.

Complete Control

Radiana tiles system offers zoned control.

Heating and Cooling

Radiana ceiling tiles can be used for heating and cooling
and can be coupled with a vast range of heating/cooling
sources, dependant on the specific application and your
own preference.

Optimise Acoustics

Radiana’s adaptability to any gyptone ceiling tile allows
you to tailor the acoustic performance of your ceiling
system to directly suit your needs.

Unrivalled Thermal Comfort

Thermal comfort is a perfect balance of heat exchange
between our body and the surrounding environment.
Radiant technology enhances the feel of a uniform,
natural temperature.

Fast and Easy to Install

The Radiana ceiling tile system is installed directly
to the existing ceiling suspension grid in much the
same way as traditional ceiling tile systems.

An integrated smart solution

The Panel

The Radiana ceiling grid system is a special suspended ceiling system designed to regulate room temperatures using radiant heating and cooling technology.

The Climate
Control System

…integrates a unique technology to modulate radiant fluid technology to modulate radiant fluid temperatures so that surfaces stay above dew point. It controls energy resources (heat pumps, chillers and boilers) with multi-staging, Domestic Hot Water, Heat Recovery Ventilation based on Indoor Air Quality and Neutral Temperature Dehumidification. The system can be controlled by your phone using the Radiana app.

The Radiana App

…gives you full control of the radiant cooling and heating system from anywhere in the world. It features a friendly and intuitive user interface to control this sophisticated system and fits seamlessly into your life to provide the perfect Thermal Wellbeing™, precisely when and where you want it.