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+ Discover how Radiana can help support the COVID-19 effort.

We’re all facing an extremely challenging time but our ethos, perhaps now more than ever before, is to work together.

Radiana is a family-run business and our success is built on the loyalty and commitment of our employees and our customers. We are of course listening to and taking Government advice and will continue to do so as it changes. We’re working from home where possible and are available via phone and email as usual.

As a well-grounded business we have thorough continuity plans in place and our COVID-19 plan is up and running. What this means for you, is we can continue to serve you as normal. As we’ve been planning for a while, we have full confidence in our supply chain and have stock in place to fulfil orders. Our warehouse is also fully operational to ensure your projects can continue in the knowledge that your systems with be delivered with our usual excellent service, on time, in full. Please contact us if you have a project you’d like to quote for – we’ll be more than happy to help. The Radiana Team

Radiana radiant cooling

How Radiant Heating and Cooling Works...

Radiana creates the perfect environment through intelligent climate control. It sets the right temperature, manages humidity levels and improves air quality to provide a comfortable, healthy environment in which to work, live or play.

Radiant cooling cools a ceiling by passing cold water through the pipes which absorb the heat radiated from the rest of the room. Heat always travels to colder areas. Therefore areas that are ‘colder’ will always attract heat rays to them. The hot ‘rays’ travel from the radiant heat element until they reach a surface, such as a wall, floor or piece of furniture. There are no hot or cold spots in an environment heated or cooled from the ceiling because radiation expands equally in all directions. This is recognised by certification by the International WELL Building Institute. The Well v2 standard only gives credits to radiant cooling. Radiana can give you those credits.

radiant cooling sustainability WELLv2

Kinder to you. Kinder to the environment.

In the UK our cities are becoming ever hotter. Air-conditioning cools buildings but in doing so heats up the external environment. Problems with current systems and dissatisfaction with the thermal environment in many buildings create arguments over temperature, cold draughts and fluctuating temperatures.

Radiant cooling and heating addresses these problems; increasing well-being, giving energy savings and reduces your carbon footprint. The system uses water as the basis of transferring heat and as water is so much more efficient than air at carrying temperature (typically 50% more). Radiana can maximise the heat pump efficiency because it can run consistently at a higher temperature (that is not such a low temperature) 16 degrees rather than the 7 degrees of traditional systems. Both of these facts mean that radiant cooling can lead to an energy saving of between 17 - 42 %. This resulting in lower costs, lower CO2 emissions (by the same amount: between 17 and 42%) and reduced contribution to the heat island effect.

Man holding a phone running the Radiana app

Your perfect environment at your fingertips.

Use your smartphone to set your perfect environment and let Radiana do the rest. It maintains the temperature, manages humidity levels and improves your air quality automatically.

The ‘wrong’ office temperature ranks as the No.1 employee complaint – and costs UK workers 16 minutes in lost productivity per day! The Radiana zone control system allows you to maintain different temperatures in different areas.

image of a living room
image of living room with Radiana system revealed

Can you spot it?

Radiana is installed above the ceiling, so it's entirely hidden. This makes Radiana perfect for style-concious homes and offices.

Radiana is a modular plasterboard ceiling panel which conditions a building’s environment using radiation in a way that is totally in harmony with nature. This innovative product allows you to cool or heat without draughts, noise or the dehumidifying effect of traditional air conditioning.

Tap the ceiling to reveal the Radiana system


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REDUCED COST AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Reduced running costs. Lower carbon impact. Health benefits. Less maintenance


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A COMPLETELY UNIQUE CLIMATE SYSTEM Improved thermal comfort. Zoneable temperature control. Draught free. Silent running. Invisible. Easy to use


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SUPPORT RIGHT THROUGH THE PROCESS. Design and provide complete working drawings for the system. Prepare and send all materials to site. Train each different trade. Check installation, turn system on. Demonstrate use to client