Set yourself free from air conditioning with the revolutionary Radiana

Radiana is a modular plasterboard ceiling panel which conditions a building’s environment using radiation in a way that is totally in harmony with nature. This innovative product allows you to cool or heat without draughts, noise or the dehumidifying effect of traditional air conditioning.

Find out how Radiana works

Radiana, the modular ceiling panel

With the invisible, intelligent Radiana ceiling system, you’ll quickly understand why there’s no better way to control your environment.

  • Silent running icon

    Silent running

    Silent running enhances the feel of the natural temperature.

  • Less maintenance Icon

    Less maintenance

    Less maintenance than any air conditioning system, with fast and easy installation.

  • Health Benefits icon

    Health benefits

    Improve air quality without the need to pass air through a filter and coil.

  • Low running costs icon

    Low running costs

    Radiant cooling is more efficient than air circulation systems, this means lower running costs.

  • Quicker response icon

    Quicker response

    Radiant cooling is quick to respond due to the speed of radiation.

  • Draughtless Cooling Icon

    Draughtless cooling

    To ensure maximum comfort.

Radiana in the world’s first emission-free building

The Beacon is one of the latest and biggest projects for which Radiana has been specified. The cooling system is being used to provide thermal comfort and to recover heat from the apartments, which can be used elsewhere in the building to create electricity and heat domestic hot water. The Beacon is entirely emission and pollution free, consequently meaning no energy bills for its residents for life.

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